WWE's Rey Mysterio and Murphy Team-Up to Take Down Seth Rollins on SmackDown

Tonight's SmackDown featured the closing chapter of Rey Mysterio's at times violent feud with Seth Rollins, and the two superstars pulled out all the stops during their battle. Not only did they pull off a bunch of high flying moves but everyone got involved at some point before it was all said and done. After a lengthy match between Rollins and Mysterio, things drifted to the outside when Dominik got involved and pulled his father out of the ring. Rollins superkicked him but when he got close to Aalyah Murphy intervened, though Rollins backed off and got back into the ring. Rollins had a chair that he pulled off the rubber pad of and went after Mysterio's other eye, but after Dominik intervened he needed help to set it up, and that's where Murphy came in.

Murphy gave the chair to Rollins and then went to hold Mysterio, but when Rollins turned around Murphy kicked the chair right into his face and knocked him down. Rollins then chased Murphy out of the ring and set him up for a 619, and after the second attempt (the first one did not land) Rollins was down for the count.

Aalyah was thrilled that Murphy wasn't on Rollins' side, and the Mysterio family all hugged while Murphy looked down at his former mentor. Aalyah went to run towards Murphy but Mysterio stopped her. He then went over to Murphy and asked if he wanted his approval. Murphy said yes, and that's when Mysterio offered up his hand. They shook hands and Aalyah embraced Murphy, and the whole family celebrated in the middle of the ring.

Here's the official rundown on tonight's SmackDown.

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins have both agreed the make a matchup between them tonight the final chapter in their highly personal rivalry. Don't miss ​​​​​​The Final Chapter, tonight at 8/7 C on SmackDown on FOX.

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