WWE SmackDown: Riddle Defeats Sami Zayn and Draws Fire From Roman Reigns and the Bloodline

Tonight's WWE SmackDown kicked off with Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro, who are coming off of a successful defense of their Titles against the Street Profits. Orton welcomed everyone to the show and then said he and Riddle were very excited to be here, though also admitted that they are sick of the chase. He said it was obvious to both of them that the Usos can't make decisions for themselves, and that it was obvious that Roman Reigns is the only person who makes decisions in The Bloodline. Riddle then gave Reigns credit for hitting him with that spear and beating them at WrestleMania Backlash.

Then Riddle said that he has a sixth or seventh sense and that he notices that every time the Usos can't handle business, Roman handles it for them. Orton then said they were sick of it and the fans must be sick of it and said RK-Bro wants to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions of the world.

Orton then called Reigns out by all of his names and said "come out here to my ring." Then Sami Zayn's music hit and he came out with a Bloodline T-Shirt. He then told RK-Bro "don't you understand how things work at SmackDown? Like you can just snap your fingers whenever you want Reigns to come out and he'll appear? As Locker Room leader I'll be happy to handle this on his behalf. I think I speak for the entire SmackDown Locker Room when I say no one wants to see this Tag Team Title Unification match."

He then said RK-Bro also doesn't want this match, because they will lose. He then said they had a good thing going and everyone loves them, but Sami Sucks chants started filling the building. "What I suggest is that you take your Raw Tag Team Titles and you go back to Raw. Just go and don't come back," Zayn said.

Orton was wondering why he was out there, and Riddle called him Samoan Sami. He then said he was calling him Rusty because his hair is the color of rust. Zayn said his name was not Rusty, and then he said something that was not a threat. The last person that disrespected them was Shinsuke, and he said he handled that. Orton then said he isn't an errand boy for Reigns and that he's an actual shot caller and getting things done. Zayn then said it was kind of cool and Orton said he was a vital part of SmackDown, and Zayn agreed and said "you get it!"

Orton then said since he calls shots he should make the match for Zayn vs Riddle, and if they win they get the Tag Team Unification Match. Orton and Riddle kept goading him and after more Rusty chants came out Zayn said "you know what, fine. Fine, let's do it. However, these things are very complicated. There's no way this will happen tonight, it's all very complicated. Let me talk to Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns and get it figured out."

Then Adam Pearce came out and said that while he can't speak on behalf of the Bloodline, but everyone wants to see Zayn vs Riddle, and the match starts now. Riddle and Zayn quickly locked up and Riddle got a hold applied only for Zayn to escape and run into Orton. Riddle rolled him back into the ring and Zayn would get in some offense, hitting a flurry of punches and then pressing Riddle's neck against the ropes.

Zayn kept clubbing Riddle's head and then applied a hold in the middle of the ring. Zayn then countered Riddle's next attack to knock him down to the mat. Riddle got back to his feet and slammed into Zayn, hit a forearm, and then a Fisherman's Suplex. He tried for a Senton but Zayn got his knees up, but then Zayn ran into a kick from Riddle. Riddle then went up top only to get pushed by Zayn, causing him to fall hard to the outside.

Zayn then rolled Riddle into the ring and went up top, but Riddle got up and caught him on the top rope. Zayn knocked him down to the mat and then Riddle hit a knee to the face but Zayn kicked out of the cover. Zayn then went and covered Riddle but he kicked out. Riddle then knocked Zayn out to the floor and when he got back in Riddle slammed Zayn down on the mat. Riddle then pulled out Orton's famous DDT and connected, and then he hit Orton's trademark Viper stance but Zayn rolled out before he could hit an RKO. Riddle chased him out of the ring but Zayn then slammed him into the post and then threw him into the Timekeepers area.

Riddle barely beat the count but he got back in before it was too late, and then he reversed Zayn's move and connected for the pin and the win. Norton couldn't have been prouder of Riddle, and Reigns was watching from backstage with The Usos. He asked Paul Heyman "why are they on my show? We already beat them." The Usos then said they were disrespecting them too and Jimmy took offense at what they said about Reigns doing everything. They then revealed that they will give an answer later in the night.

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