WWE: Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio Square Off in Epic Hell in a Cell Match on SmackDown

WWE fans got a shock when WWE announced that it was moving its heavily anticipated Hell in a Cell [...]

WWE fans got a shock when WWE announced that it was moving its heavily anticipated Hell in a Cell match between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio from the pay-per-view to tonight's SmackDown. No reason was really given, but people tuned in to SmackDown to see it, and it didn't take long for it to become complete chaos. After their entrances and the ringing of the bell, Mysterio sprinted out of the ring and went right for a chair, and after a hit or two Reigns managed to pull the chair away and throw it. Mysterio then grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed it in Reigns' face, following it up with a big hit to the head with the extinguisher. He then hit Reigns again with it, and then put his leg on the ring apron and dragged him into the ring, though Reigns put his arm around the rope to halt his progress.

Reigns looked stunned, and things would get worse, as Mysterio then hit him with a toolbox, and the impact slammed him to the floor. When we came back from commercial break, Mysterio had a chair and had stunned Reigns again. He then put the chair across Reigns' back and dropkicked it. Then he followed that up by sticking the chair onto Reigns' throat, but he wasn't done.

He stuck the chair over Reigns and slammed him into the cage twice, and then into the post, and Reigns was having trouble breathing. Reigns finally grabbed Mysterio by the neck and threw him away, giving him a second to take off the chair. He then charged at Mysterio, but Mysterio dodged the attack and sent Reigns through the table that was propped up behind him.

Reigns finally got some room to breathe and stunned Mysterio, and then he broke a sunset flip by Rey. Mysterio tried to flip Reigns over but Reigns didn't let him go and swung him around, slamming his head into the cage and the post, followed by a huge swing that sent him hard to the floor. Reigns was livid, taunting Mysterio before pummeling him with knees and forearms. He threw him to the other side of the ring and set up for a Superman Punch and indeed connected with it.

He then set up for a spear, but Mysterio caught Reigns with a kick to break it up. Reigns caught Rey with a boot and lifted him but Rey fought out of it. He set up for the 619 but Reigns punched him and broke that up as well. Reigns went for a charge again but Mysterio evaded, sending reigns into the post shoulder first. Mysterio hit the 619 and then had another chair and slammed Reigns in the back four times. He then put the chair on Reigns' chest and went to the top rope, and the ensuing splash caused Reigns and Mysterio a lot of pain. That's why Mysterio couldn't cover him, but then he rolled out again and went to the top rope for another splash and hit it. He pinned Reigns but Reigns kicked out at two.

Mysterio went for it again, but this time Reigns caught him, lifted him up, and threw him back first into the cage wall, just like he did to Dominik last week. Reigns locked in a slightly tweaked guillotine and that was all she wrote, as Mysterio tapped and gave Reigns the win.

Then Jimmy Uso lifted his arm in victory, showing he was officially by Reigns' side and part of the family though Jey was nowhere to be seen. Then Reigns stalked a crawling Mysterio, who was struggling to get to the ropes. Reigns was angry again, and locked in the guillotine once more, despite Mysterio tapping. Reigns then held his title high and taunted Mysterio again, and SmackDown came to a close.

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