WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Reveals Stakes For Match With Jey Uso

The stakes for the WWE Universal Championship "I Quit" Hell In A Cell Match between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso were revealed on Friday night during SmackDown. As the two family members have feuded over the last several weeks, Reigns promised a devastating consequence for Uso if he fails to win the Universal Championship from him on Sunday night. Friday night, he came out to the ring in the final segment of the show to reveal the consequence.

Before Reigns could start speaking on the microphone, the titantron came on with who we found out was actually Jimmy Uso seated at a table with some food in front of him. As he bragged about the tribal chief's meal, he was wearing a bandana over his face. As he took it down, Roman quickly realized it was Jey's brother Jimmy. Jimmy said that Jey was behind Roman in the ring.

At that moment Jey pounced. He took out Roman and went to the outside to grab a chair. When he got back in the ring with the chair, he went to swing it at Roman but Reigns dodged it and took out Jey. However, Jey quickly came back with a superkick and hit the big Uso Splash off the top rope and celebrated with his brother while walking back up the ramp.

Reigns got on the microphone again and said that if he can't make Uso say "I Quit" on Sunday, he's no longer the tribal chief or the leader of the family. However, he said that if Jey loses, he has to acknowledge Roman as the chief and leader of the family, falling in line in the process.

Roman said that if Jey fails to do so, he's "out" of the family. He said that both Jimmy, Jey, their families, their kids, and their kids' kids would be out of the family and everyone would turn their backs on them.


Jey screamed "who are you?" and walked back to the ring as the Hell In A Cell structure lowered from the ceiling. Jey climbed halfway up the side of the red cage and stared down his cousin in the ring as the show ended.

ComicBook will have full covered of WWE Hell In A Cell this Sunday night, so make sure to check back with us then.