WWE SmackDown: Roman Reigns Looks Ready to Turn on Jey Uso After Samoan Street Fight Victory

This week's edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX was main evented, once again, by Roman Reigns and Jey Uso taking on Sheamus and King Corbin. That same tag team bout happened last week, though this week's contest featured a new stipulation: it was a "Samoan Street Fight" and Reigns had to enter the match right away (rather than at the tail end like last week). This meant that Friday night was easily the most we have seen Reigns in action since he made his return to the ring.

The match itself was, well, a street fight. A lot of fighting outside the ring. Tables. Sheamus getting Speared through the ringside barrier. The end came when Uso hit Corbin with the Universal title, followed by a Spear by Reigns, and then an Uso Splash and cover for the pinfall.

It was interesting that after last week when Reigns effectively "stole" the finish from his cousin, he allowed Uso to hit his finish and cover for the pinfall this week. After the match, there was a heated moment when the Universal title belt was on the mat and Uso picked it up and joked he was going to celebrate with it. However, he faked holding it up and tossed it to Reigns. The two then celebrated together in the ring, embracing in a hug with Reigns having a big, almost sarcastic smile on his face.

When Uso then made his way up the aisle, Reigns' face changed to disdain as he stared down the number one contender.


In just over one week, Uso will take on Reigns for the Universal Championship at WWE Clash of Champions.