WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Retains Over Bayley, Gets Attacked By Carmella

Just under two weeks after winning the SmackDown Women's Championship at Hell In A Cell, Sasha Banks defended the title against Bayley in the opening match of this week's WWE SmackDown. As the match got underway, they alluded to the fact that Banks has often dropped championships not long after winning them in the past. Bayley mentioned this in her pre-match interview, as well. However, when the bell rang, Banks went on offense early. The announcers talked about how Banks wasn't going to let Bayley bully her.

They went to a commercial early and when they came back, Bayley was briefly on offense until Banks threw her face first into the ring apron and followed with a spin kick. She followed that with some brutal running knees to Bayley's face on the apron. She came in for a second time, but Bayley got her legs up and sent Banks into the air and to the floor below.

Bayley went on a run of offense, using strikes and a sleeper at one point. Bayley reversed Bayley in the corner and hit running knees for a near fall. Bayley followed that with a clothesline. She set Banks up on the top rope and Banks fought her off and came off with a Meteora onto Bayley but couldn't cover.

Bayley rolled to the outside and Bayley came off the ring with a crossbody as they went to a second commercial. When they came back, the two were battling in the corner turnbuckle. they dropped to the floor as Banks hung on and went for a powerbomb on the floor, but Bayley reversed it into a hurricanrana into the announce table. Bayley went up top but Bayley pulled her down to the mat in the ring. Banks then hit a running knee which sent herself through the ropes to the outside.

Banks followed that with an elbow across the ring apron and rolled Bayley back into the ring. Banks went up top and came off with a Frog Splash and covered for a near fall. Banks went for a Back Stabber, but Bayley reversed into a Bayley To Belly attempt that Banks also reversed. Banks quickly went for the Banks Statement but was sent to the outside as the hold was quickly broken.

Bayley went to the outside and pulled a Kendo Stick from under the ring. She sent it into the ring and the ref went to throw it away and Bayley came in with a chair shot as he was distracted. Banks stopped it, tossed the chair, and ran into a Back Stabber and Bayley to Belly. Near fall. Bayley followed with a flying elbow off the top for a near fall.

Banks tossed Bayley into the corner but ran into a foot. Bayley hit a running knee and hit a back suplex for a near fall. They sold that Banks wasn't quitting despite her neck injury. Bayley locked in a crossface as Banks screamed in pain and tried to get to the ropes. Bayley reversed the hold into a pinfall attempt for a near fall.


Bayley charged in after at Banks on the ring apron and ran into the ring post as Banks dodged it. Banks kicked her back into the ring and hit the Back Stabber and locked in the Banks Statement in the middle of the ring and Bayley tapped. Sasha Banks is still the SmackDown Women's Champion.

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(Photo: WWE)

As Banks walked up the ramp celebrating, she was attacked from behind by Carmella who hit a superkick on her and celebrated.