WWE's Sasha Banks Gets a Superkick to the Face by Carmella on SmackDown

Tonight's SmackDown brought with it another appearance of the SmackDown Women's Champion, who came out to the ring to address the haters who said she would not retain her Championship, always bringing up what has come before. Sasha took the mic and said, "the haters said I could win but I couldn't retain it, but here I am as your SmackDown Women's Champion and damn it feels good!" She followed up with "I'm on top of the game and on top of this Women's Division, so to all the people in the back, you are officially put on notice." Banks also addressed the attack from last week, which was given to her by a returning Carmella, but things did not go as she probably hoped.

Banks started in on Carmella, saying "Now, Carmella, I know that you are watching in the back, and bravo to you" but at that point, she was cut off by Bayley, who was livid and came out to the ring. Banks focused in on Bayley, but then Carmella ambushed Banks and super kicked her in the face.

She then slammed Banks to the ground just like she did last week, and as Banks recovered Carmella walked to the back smiling from ear to ear.

As for Bayley, she disappeared, and it's unclear if she's working with Carmella and it was all part of a distraction or if just so happened that Carmella was lying in wait, waiting for her perfect chance to strike.

Both would make sense to a degree, as if Bayley can't beat Banks herself she would help someone else make her life miserable, but we'll have to wait and see.

Here's the official rundown on tonight's SmackDown.

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