WWE SmackDown: Murphy Defeats Former Partner Seth Rollins

The split between Seth Rollins and Murphy came to a head during Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX. The long-building match seemed to come out of nowhere, one week after WWE jumped to a match between Rollins and Rey Mysterio without advertising ahead of time. The wrapping up of the storyline is happening because Rollins is scheduled to take December off due to the pending birth of he and Becky Lynch's child.

Held during the second hour of SmackDown, it got off to a fast start with Murphy looking to gain advantage on his former mentor. The entire Mysterio family was at ringside to watch. However, Rollins took the early momentum as we headed toward our first commercial break. Dominick Mysterio and Rey Mysterio attempted to help Murphy when he was tied up in the ropes and Rollins went for a Kendo Stick under the ring.

However, Rollins took out Dominick and stomped away at Mysterio on the outside. Murphy came to the save briefly, but he crashed and burned to the outside. Rollins then cornered a frightened Aalyah as the show went to commercial.

When they came back, Rollins was still on offense as the three Mysterios cheered Murphy to come back on the outside. Murphy tossed Rollins to the outside and hit a big flip to the outside on Rollins.

He threw Seth back in the ring and hit an enziguiri kick from the apron. He went up top but Rollins jumped up there with him and hit a super-plex, followed by a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.


Later, the two exchanged right hands and kicks on the apron. Murphy took out Seth with a running knee to the face. Murphy crawled slowly into the ring exhausted and Rollins ran up and hit the stomp as Murphy entered the ring through the ropes. Rollins covered but Murphy got his foot on the rope to break.

Seth screamed at Murphy that he gave him everything. He picked him up and nailed a Buckle Bomb. Rollins came off the ropes but Murphy got to his feet and hit a knee to the face. Rollins went for the Stompb but Murphy dodged for another knee. Murphy then hit Murphy's Law and crawled to cover, eventually earning the pinfall.