WWE SmackDown: Mandy Rose Challenges Sonya Deville to Hair vs Hair Match at SummerSlam

Fans knew that Mandy Rose was set to address what happened on last week's SmackDown between her and Sonya Deville and that she very much did, announcing a crazy stipulation match in the process for SummerSlam. Rose appeared backstage and dismantled Deville's criticisms of her, but she also said she's had enough of Deville, and challenged Deville to a Hair vs Hair match at SummerSlam. She also threw in that Deville likes to joke about Rose's vanity, but that she is also conscious of her looks, and she's going to leave Deville with a lasting memory.

"The challenge has been THROWN DOWN! Face with open mouth

"You and me. #SummerSlam. In a Hair vs. Hair Match."


Deville ended up cutting some of Rose's hair after beating her down backstage a few weeks ago, and at one point it looked like she might shave Rose's head completely.

ComicBook.com recently spoke to Deville about what a final throwdown between her and Rose would look like and if it would hold a crazy stipulation. Here is what she said at the time, and it looks like she was right.

"Yeah. I mean, it definitely can't be a regulation match," Deville said. "It has got to be a No-Holds-Barred or Falls Count Everywhere. It's got to, it's got to be something, a Street Fight even, because this is it. I'm putting an end to Mandy once and for all, and it's not just physically. I told her I was going to ruin her life in every way that I possibly could. So even if, let me put it this way, even if there are rules in the next match that we have against each other, I won't be following them."

You can find the official description for tonight's episode of SmackDown below.

"Braun Strowman vows to confront "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, a Triple Brand Battle Royal will be held to determine Bayley's SummerSlam challenger and much more."

Here's what is on deck tonight:

Braun Strowman confronts The Fiend

Big E vs John Morrison

Alexa Bliss talks run-in with The Fiend


Triple Brand Battle Royal

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