Superstar Billy Graham Wants Adam Cole to Start Taking Steroids

WWE Hall of Famer and former WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Superstar Billy Graham is at it again. Back in April Graham took to his personal Facebook account to implore newly-crowned WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to start taking steroids, believing that Kingston's slender frame would wind up hurting his title run. Kingston brushed off the advice, while other former wrestlers like Booker T rolled their eyes at the notion of somebody demanding a current WWE Superstar start doing something illegal for the sake of building muscle. And yet after seeing Adam Cole compete in last week's SmackDown main event, Graham once again returned to Facebook with the same advice for the NXT Champion.

"NXT Champion Adam Cole Needs to do Steroids," Graham wrote at the start of a lengthy post. "Yes fans, once more the Superstar speaks the truth and is not afraid to tell the truth. I did indeed watch the last Friday Night Smackdown and was very impressed with the technical skill of the NXT champ against Daniel Bryan in the main event. However, once again we see a champion of a WWE brand who is smaller than most women on both Raw and Smackdown !!!! HHH my dear brother, I am speaking to you now...what is it with such small champions in the WWE save Brock Lesnar? That is why Lesnar beat Kofi in under 10 seconds to win the WWE Titile Belt back...because it would have been a farce to carry Kofi any longer, the very nice young man that he is.

"Damn, Adam Cole is soooooooooo small," he added. "I am not telling him to abuse roids, just use them correctly to enhance your physique, HHH will show you exactly how to do it, but just DO IT for the sake of your championship should look like a champion !!!!!!"

Cole is billed at six feet tall and 210 pounds, so Graham's comment about him being smaller than the women's roster doesn't hold much weight. After holding the Ring of Honor World Championship a record three times, Cole signed with WWE in August 2017. He is one of just two men to hold every championship in NXT (the NXT Triple Crown), and his faction The Undisputed Era currently holds all of NXT's main championships.

This year's Survivor Series pay-per-view event will feature a battle for roster supremacy between Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Three matches for the card have already been booked, including Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs. SmackDown Bayley vs. NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler.