WWE Superstar Terry Funk Joins Twitter With Message To Fans

WWE Superstars, current and former, have made good use of social media to promote their careers as part of World Wrestling Entertainment and beyond, and it seems as if a Hall of Famer has decided to join Twitter with a message to fans in the form of Terry Funk! Funk himself might not be returning to the squared circle considering he is in his mid-70s, but his legacy has lived on following his career and he was made a part of the WWE's Hall of Fame for the contribution that he made to the world of professional wrestling.

Funk's career has spanned numerous wrestling organizations, the most popular of which were the aforementioned WWE and World Championship Wrestling. As he would often return to these organizations, Terry also made a name for himself on the independent circuit, All Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA Wrestling, and more. It's clear that Funk didn't waste any time in his career, constantly putting himself in the ring and only announcing his retirement from the squared circle in 2016, showing that professional wrestling was clearly in his blood. Though Funk doesn't currently have a professional wrestling career to promote, he is most certainly welcome on Twitter thanks to his hilarious message to fans that is brief and to the point!

Terry Funk shared his first Twitter message earlier, letting his fans know that this was in fact the real Funk and that he "wasn't looking to see any impersonators" before being cut off during the brief segment, proving that Terry still has his patented sense of humor:

The world of social media, and more specifically streaming, has been in the news a lot recently when it comes to professional wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. With a number of superstars starting their own channels to promote their careers, fans were torn when it came to Vince McMahon's announcement that the superstars of the WWE's stables would no longer be able to independently moderate their streams.


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