WWE Survivor Series: Street Profits Defeat New Day After Incredible Match

The second match of Survivor Series saw The New Day and Street Profits go head to head in a Raw vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions match. On paper, this one looked to be one of the contenders for match of the night and it didn't disappoint. The teams were making headlines right off the bat as The New Day made their entrance wearing outfits that appear in the new Gears of War game, while the Street Profits wore the new Ric Flair edition of the Dame7 basketball shoes.

The early part of the match saw New Day on offense, with the announcers selling New Day's better awareness and teamwork. The Profits communication appeared to be slightly of. Woods crowed to the announcers that the Profits were not prepared for the match. Kofi and Woods took turns working over Ford with stiff shots to his ribs while Dawkins waited for the hot tag.

Ford hit a jumping DDT which allowed him to make the hot tag. Woods was tagged in at the same time and Dawkins cleaned house. The Profits went on offense from here with a flurry of offense, taking turns tagging in.

Kofi and Woods hit the Midnight Hours out of the corner, a move that Kofi and Big E usually do, for a near fall after they turned the tables. The Profits soon came back and Ford hit his big Frog Splash but was slow to cover due to his injured ribs.


Ford hit the Trouble in Paradise on Kofi moments later but turned around into some offense from Woods. Dawkins made a blind tag and Ford came off the top rope with a Blockbuster. Dawkins covered for the pinfall. Aferward, New Day got in the ring and the teams shook hands and hugged.

A really, really good match between these two teams.