WWE Survivor Series WarGames: Sami Zayn Proves His Allegiance as The Bloodline Win Main Event

The main event for WWE's Survivor Series War Games premium live event was the Men's War Games match, which would be between The Bloodline's Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn vs The Brawling Brutes' Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland alongside Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre. Earlier in the night Reigns and Zayn looked to be on the same page, and the advantage was with the Brawling Brutes. That would serve them well throughout the match, and at several points, The Bloodline looked like they were going to fall due to infighting between Jey and Zayn. That all changed though when Zayn made his allegiances perfectly clear, taking out Kevin Owens and offering him up for Jey to get the pin and the win, sacrificing his best friend for The Bloodline and giving them the win.

First up for both teams would be Butch and Jey Uso, and they approached each other with caution and a few taunts before mixing it up, and it would be Butch who would gain the advantage, punishing Jey's fingers, then slamming him down on his shoulder, and then stomping his hand and fingers against the cage. Then Butch wrapped Jey's arm around the ropes and punched him, but Jey would get some offense in by throwing Butch into the cage.

Jey hit a neckbreaker on Butch and then he brought down Butch on his left arm, attempting to even the score. Butch came back with a kick to the face but Jey kept him on the ground with a punch to the face, followed by another throw of Butch against the wall of the cage.

Butch got a hold of Jey's hand and stomped on his hand against the steel in the ring, and Jey looked in rough shape at this point. Butch then locked in a Kimora but Jey slammed him down, and at that point, Ridge Holland came into the match. Holland hit Jey with two shoulder tackles and then allowed Butch to recover. Jey hit an uppercut on Holland and then kicked him in the face, but Holland reversed a move and power slammed Jey to the mat.

Holland then slammed into Jey like a freight train three times, and then teamed with Butch for more before they both charged up and hit a high and low double team, knocking Jey to the ground. Butch then went to work on Jey's hands and fingers once again, bending them and stomping on them.

It was time for Team Bloodline, but when Jimmy ran out Roman grabbed him and sent Zayn instead. Zayn would approach the door cautiously and wait for Jey to divert their attention and then went in with a vengeance, stomping on Holland in the middle of the ring repeatedly. He would get several uppercuts on Zayn, but Jey would help break it up. Zayn would celebrate Jey's work but he wasn't interested, and they would argue in the ring and give Butch a chance to take them both down.

Holland was up next, knocking Jey into the other ring, but Zayn would save Jey from an attack from Holland. Jey would return the favor and help Zayn against Butch, and then it was time for another superstar to enter. That would be Drew McIntyre, and he came out swinging, throwing Jey and Zayn down and into the cage. McIntyre threw Jey into the wall once more, and then when Zayn came to his defense McIntyre threw him twice too before hitting Jey with a spinebuster.

McIntyre had Jey up top but Zayn pulled his foot off and got the stop. Holland sent him flying and Jey was able to knock both down. Butch went up but he was knocked back by Jey as well. McIntyre got himself back up though and threw Jey to the mat. Zayn then got hit with a DDT and then it was time for a Bloodline member to enter. That was Jimmy Uso, who grabbed a table and put it in the ring and then put in another table followed by one more. Zayn went to help put the table up and Jey pushed him away, and Jimmy tried to get them under control. Zayn finally pushed Jey back and they got into a fight and Reigns looked visibly annoyed.

The Usos slammed McIntyre into the cage and then went to work on Butch, and then Zayn and Jimmy set up the table in the corner. Zayn stood on McIntyre while Jimmy knocked Butch back down to the mat, and then it was time for another star to enter. That was Kevin Owens, who then grabbed a few chairs from under the ring before heading in. He hit Jimmy and then Jey with chair shots before hitting Jey with a Cannonball. He went up top and hit a Swanton on Jey and then threw a chair at him in the corner.

Owens then came face to face with Zayn, and Holland would grab him from behind and hit him with punches while Jey hit Owens with a chair. McIntyre hit Zayn with a vertical suplex. McIntyre had Zayn in the corner and Owens smashed Jimmy through a table, and then it was time for the Bloodline to send a new man in. That ended up being Solo Sikoa, who went right at Holland and then sent Butch careening into the cage. Holland got some uppercuts on Sikoa but he retaliated with a Samoan Drop.

It was then Sikoa facing down Owens, and they exchanged punches before Owens threw Sikoa into the cage, but he didn't even budge. He ate two super kicks and a stomp and then reversed Owens into a slam on the metal in the ring. Then Sikoa went at McIntyre, exchanging kicks to the head and punches, but McIntyre hit a flying head butt to buy himself some time. Then it was time for the final Brawling Brutes team member to enter, and that was Sheamus, who started down Reigns before entering the ring.

Zayn tried to hold the door shut but Sheamus shoved him off and then went to work on The Bloodline, clearing them out one by one. Sheamus hit a double clothesline while Reigns prepared to head in, and Sheamus and Zayn then locked up. The Brutes then combined to collide with the Bloodline, and at this point the Bloodline was being stomped down on the mat. Sikoa was back up and hitting head butts on Sheamus, and then he went for a Samoan Drop but Sheamus kept blocking it. Sheamus then picked up Sikoa and went up top and hit White Noise.

It was finally time for Reigns to enter the match, and once he did both teams gathered themselves and stood up despite the punishment they had already taken. Reigns and Sheamus locked up and then Reigns hit uppercuts on every single member of the team. He hit Sheamus with a Superman Punch and then lined up a spear for Sheamus but he caught him with a kick. Sheamus then went for his trademark punches and he even got help from McIntyre but The Bloodline broke it up.

Sheamus kept going for Reigns and then The Bloodline was all set up for big punches and they got hit with a ton of them. Now the Bloodline was on their heels, and Reigns got hit with a knee to the head. Then he hit Sikoa with a Brogue Kick but Reigns hit him with a Spear and went for the cover, only for Butch to fly in and break it up at the last second. Zayn went right after Butch. Zayn knocked Butch down and then Jey hit Zayn with a super kick. Jimmy went to pick him up but Jey told him to leave him, and they hit Butch with the 1D into a cover but Holland broke it up.

The Usos hit Holland with super kicks and Reigns speared Holland through a table. McIntyre threw Reigns over the ropes but got kicked and smashed through a table by Sikoa, only for him to get hit with a Stunner by Owens, but Reigns broke it up. Owens and Reigns stared each other down and then clocked each other with punches before Reigns connected with a Superman Punch. Reigns went for a spear but got hit with a Superkick and then he hit a powerbomb on Reigns. He hit a Stunner next and went for the pin but at the last second Zayn prevented the official from counting to three and giving him the win.

Owens and Zayn argued and Jimmy went for a super kick but Owens blocked it, and then Zayn hit a low blow on Owens. Zayn looked like he was second-guessing himself for a minute and then he talked to Reigns. He then went for the Helluva Kick and connected on Owens, who slumped over and then Zayn offered the win to Jey. Jey hit the splash and got the pin and the win. Zayn looked troubled over his decision after the match, but Reigns opened up his arms and Zayn him and he is now officially part of The Bloodline and any doubt has been cast aside.

Then Jey rushed in and hugged him and lifted him up, and it looks like any issues between them are in the past.

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