WWE: The Big Show Is Not Dead!

In a year where the entertaimnet world has lost so many beloved superstars, I am happy to report to you that the Big Show is, in fact, alive! It's quite possible you weren't even questioning the Big Show's mortality until this very moment. If that is the case then you likely missed a story posted by a blog called "WWE" that claimed the WWE star had died in a car accident.

While many of us missed the death hoax when it was originally posted, the AP released a fact check today to confirm the continued existence of the former WWE champion.

Chris Bellitti, a spokesman for World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., said Tuesday that the wrestler, whose real name is Paul Donald Wight II, is alive and well. He also said the "WWE" blog isn't affiliated with the legitimate WWE site.

Not only is the Big Show alive, but he's looking more ripped than ever as he prepares for a possible Wrestlemania match with NBA Hall of Famer, Shaq.

Generally, a story about someone not dying would not be considered news, but in 2016, we'll take what we can get. Congrats to the Big Show on his continued healthy life!


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