WWE's The New Day Reunite in Hilarious New G4 Sketch

WWE fans haven't had the chance to see The New Day together much since Big E was sidelined with a serious injury, but thankfully he's on the road to recovery. While it will still be a while before fans see him in the ring, you can see him reunite with his New Day teammates Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a hilarious new sketch for G4. In the sketch, the ordinary action figures just aren't capturing a true wrestling match, and that's when The New Day reveals the first Fully Opposable Action Human, which is a real person made to pose just like an action figure regardless of whether it's painful or not.

The New Day then tells fans to pose the figure however they want, and the crunching sounds are brutal. Then he gets slammed into walls and gets punched int he stomach and everywhere else, and then they make him read things like "No! I'm a sentient adult child!" And "Yessss free will is a shackle".

If you want multiple versions, you can find the Fully Opposable Action Human in Classic, Peter, and Ben Franklin versions, and you can watch the full sketch in the video below.

It's good to see the New Day together again, as even before his injury Big E was typically featured on a different brand than Kingston and Woods. They would help each other out every so often, but they haven't all been on the same brand for a while now. We'll have to wait and see what happens when Big E returns, as now the entire leadership regime has shifted.

Several stars have been brought back to the company since Triple H took over WWE creative, and odds are the New Day would be reunited when he does return.

H/T Wrestling News