Watch: WWE Names The Rock's 2011 Return the Best of the 2010s

With the 2020s on the horizon, WWE's YouTube channel has released a handful of videos in the past week commemorating some of the best moments from the past decade. The latest video, which dropped on Sunday, ranks the 20 best Superstar returns of the 2010s, starting off with The Dudley Boyz making the jump back in WWE in 2015. The top five kicks off with a return from right at the start of the decade, when Bret Hart returned on Monday Night Raw back in January 2010 to make peace with Shawn Michaels over the Montreal Screwjob, and later kick off another feud with Vince McMahon.

At number four is Roman Reigns appearing on Raw in February of this year to happily announce that his leukemia was in remission. Reigns would make his in-ring return several weeks later as part of The Shield's final run as a faction. However his first post-cancer singles match wouldn't occur until WrestleMania 35, where he beat Drew McIntyre in about 10 minutes.

Shane McMahon's return to WWE clocked in at number three. The son of Vince McMahon initially left WWE back in 2009 to set out and make his own company, which wound up being the YOU On Demand streaming service. But then in February 2016, nearly seven years after he had left, McMahon made a surprise appearance on Monday Night Raw to try and take control of the Red Brand, claiming that he had a piece of blackmail on his father that could ruin the WWE Chairman. This wound up culminating in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32 between McMahon and The Undertaker, which Shane-O-Mac lost.

2019 saw McMahon turn heel and feud with the likes of Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. He hasn't appeared on TV since getting "fired" by Owens in October during Friday Night SmackDown's FOX premiere.


Brock Lesnar was awarded the No. 2 spot for his return in 2012. Though his part-time status kept him off TV for long stretches of time, Lesnar utterly dominated the 2010s with five world championship reigns and multiple WrestleMania main events. He'll close out the decade as WWE Champion.

The number one spot goes to none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who came back to the WWE on a part-time basis starting in February 2011. Johnson wrestled six matches this decade, which included two WrestleMania main events against John Cena. His last onscreen appearance on WWE television came in October during SmackDown's FOX premiere.