Was Cody Rhodes Behind WWE Raw Changing Its Rating to TV-14?

News broke on Thursday afternoon that WWE would be moving Monday Night Raw's television rating from TV-PG up to TV-14. WWE's product had been operating in "The PG Era" since July 2008 and fans were immediately overjoyed to see the show go back to the same rating it had during the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras. Shortly after Andrew Zarian broke the original story, Cody Rhodes popped up on Twitter with a simple wink emoji, leaving fans to wonder if he had been pushing for the ratings change behind the scenes (though obviously nothing like that has been confirmed).

 All Elite Wrestling, which Rhodes helped launch as an Executive Vice President, consistently operated under a TV-14 rating and Rhodes often used that to his advantage with blood in his bigger matches. Do you think Rhodes had a hand in this decision? Let us know down in the comments! 

Rhodes returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 and quickly established himself as one of The Red Brand's biggest stars. Following his third consecutive pay-per-view wins over Seth Rollins, he was written off TV in order to recover from a torn pectoral. 

"I chose to remain silent about my departure from AEW and I'm going to keep my word on that," Rhodes said in his interview with Variety prior to his WrestleMania arrival. "There's no shoot interview. There's no nefarious tale that's going to be told. There were all these different theories and none of them are correct. I mean, there were things about money and creative control. They were printed as fact and it's been a very difficult two months to see that, when the reality is it was just time. It was a personal matter and we couldn't move past it. I have nothing but respect for Matt [Jackson], Nick [Jackson] and Kenny [Omega]. I'm rooting for Tony Khan. His name is going to be in the history books as someone who helped to bankroll and support this entire alternative and revolution that AEW became but for me, it was just time to move on. I get an opportunity at my dream, I get another chance at it. And you really can't leave any stone unturned with that."

As of now, there's no word as to what will be on next week's edition of Raw. WWE returns to pay-per-view on July 30 with the SummerSlam event at Nashville's Nissan Stadium.