The Undertaker Gives His Side of the Montreal Screwjob Incident

The Undertaker's recent run of interviews has given fans a rare glimpse into his perspective on certain key moments in wrestling history. That happened once again this week, as Mark Calaway sat down with ESPN to discuss his side of the story on the infamous Montreal Screwjob between Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon back at Survivor Series 1997. Calaway, who was already seen as a locker room leader by that time, remembered "all hell breaking lose" in the locker room after Hart's outburst out in the ring after the match.

"Bret's radar was up, he felt like something might go down and so I was kind of working my way around, I kept asking Earl Hebner, 'Hey, did you hear anything? Is anything going on?' Every time I asked him, it was 'no.' I don't think he found out until late, really late, what was going to happen.

"Then, it was getting close to match time and this is one place where I let my guard down. Someone said, 'Hey, why don't you go watch the match from Vince's office?' I was like, 'Okay, that's fine.' So I went back, sitting in Vince's office, watching the match and then it all went down. All hell breaks lose. I ended up working my way to Bret's locker room. Just like, 'I cannot believe this just happened.' I left there and I went to get Vince, Vince has got to address this to Bret. I left there and was going to Vince's office and Vince was already on his way."

He then recapped Hart punching McMahon backstage.

"Basically, he said, 'I'm going to go in here, I'm going to shower, I'm going to get dressed, if you're still here I'm going to knock you out,'" Undertaker recalled. "That's basically -- they talked, he got dressed, they got up and Vince said, 'I'm going to give you one.' To this day, I cannot figure out how that punch got through so many people. I really don't know, because there was so many people in there and they weren't like face-to-face. The punch got through, he hit Vince, Vince went down and that was it."


The next episode of Calaway's documentary series, Undertaker: The Last Ride, won't be released on the WWE Network until June 14. Based on the previews, the episode will center around his infamous match with Goldberg at the 2019 Super ShowDown event.

H/t Wrestling Inc. for transcript