WWE Vince McMahon Documentary Headed To Netflix

WWE is no stranger to the world of documentaries, with Undertaker: The Last Ride and HBO's Andre [...]

WWE is no stranger to the world of documentaries, with Undertaker: The Last Ride and HBO's Andre The Giant documentary gaining a lot of traction by reeling in audiences, and it seems as if Netflix is jumping in on the band wagon with a World Wrestling Entertainment documentary of its own focusing on current CEO Vince McMahon. Vince is a controversial character that has built the organization thoughtout the decades and has often participated as a wrestler himself, sometimes creative rivalries with other professional wrestlers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and even Donald Trump many years ago.

The upcoming Netflix documentary focusing on the WWE's Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon was announced at the third quarter "Earnings Call" for 2020, announced by Nick Khan who is the new President and Chief Revenue Officer for the organization. Nick also noted that this would be "one of the highest budgeted documentaries in Netflix history", showing that the streaming service is looking to put some serious budget behind the upcoming future series. On top of this series, WWE also has an upcoming documentary that will focus on the careers of both the Undertaker and Kaine dubbed "Brothers of Destruction" which will premiere at the Austin Film Festival.

WWE Vince McMahon
(Photo: WWE)

Vince himself has left behind the days of jumping into the squared circle himself, though in the past, he showed no fear of "hamming it up" against some of the biggest names in the business, with his rivalry against Stone Cold Steve Austin giving audiences some great matches as well as classic, hilarious moments throughout. This year, Vince recently appeared during the event of "Money In The Bank" where a few wrestlers had inadvertently barged into his office, though McMahon did not jump into the fray himself.

The quarterly conference call focusing on finances also dove into the recent ratings slump for both Smackdown and Raw, the WWE's two weekly shows that have aired regularly for years. Despite these losses, World Wrestling Entertainment has been releasing a number of different money making plans with these documentaries, the WWE Network, merchandising, and more in a bid to make up for this year's coronavirus pandemic that has caused live events to change drastically.

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