WWE's Plans for the Unified WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 38 Possibly Leaked

WrestleMania 38's headlining match has Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar battling to unify the WWE and Universal Championships, the two top prizes in WWE. Reports have pointed towards WWE turning right around and introducing another world championship once the two titles are unified, and a photo from Frisco, Texas started making the rounds over the weekend showing what could potentially be a giant-sized version of the unified title. The championship looks almost identical to the other two titles, but the blue line under the WWE loge in the center plate doesn't match either current title. 

It's also entirely possible this was simply the same prop WWE used at a recent Dallas Cowboys game to help promote WrestleMania 38 taking place inside AT&T Stadium. Do you think WWE will keep the same look for whatever the Unified WWE World Heavyweight Championship looks like? Or will they try something different? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. 

The Undertaker recently spoke with WWE and gave his prediction for the match, stating that Reigns will win — "Brock has just a completely different aura to him than most talent. Something that I think has to do with his crossover from MMA and then back into the wrestling world. But you know with Brock that you're about to be in a really physical match. He was able to do things to me physically that most guys haven't been able to do. He's just that strong of a guy. He has that different kind of presence. Roman, man, he exudes such confidence. When I wrestled Roman, he was on the rise, he was still ascending to where he is now. [He has] much calmer demeanor, but still just tons of energy, tons of charisma. Other than the L's I took, I really enjoyed working with him. It's really entertaining to see guys that size be able to move the way they can and be able to do the things that they can. Physical, brutal, especially on Brock's end. Roman, much more calculated, but again, explosive athleticism, really athletic big man. To have the title that long, it means you're putting a--es in seats, which is priority one. It's a testament to his presentation of what he's doing that it's working, because if it wasn't that title reign wouldn't be nearly as long as it has been. I am really proud of Roman for the work that he's put in, it's really a testament to his passion for this business and his desire."

He then added —  "It's a good question, and it's hard to call. I'm going to go out on a limb, I say Roman, that possibly would be an upset."