Andrade Pulled From WWE Wrestlemania 36 Match Due To Injury

The hits seem to keep on coming for the WWE and their upcoming live action event of the 36th Wrestlemania with the announcement that Manuel Andrade will be unable to compete in the upcoming pay per view extravaganza. With the recent announcement that Roman Reigns would be unable to fight against Goldberg for the Universal Championship belt in the upcoming spectacle, Andrade will also be missing the event not due to the Corona Virus pandemic but rather due to a recent injury he suffered during an earlier event that has left his ribs in a precarious position.

Andrade received the rib injury on the latest episode of WWE Raw and is thus unable to be a part of the Wrestlemania matches that are currently being filmed. Wrestlemania 2020 has had to undergo a number of changes in the face of the worldwide pandemic that has caused cancellations, postponements, and quarantines the world over. Wrestlemania has been no exception with the event having to take measures such as performing to an empty stadium at the WWE Performance Center, pre-film some of the fights, as well as cancel the Andre the Giant Battle Royal as a result. Andrade was set to be a part of a tag team match against the Street Profits but it seems those plans will have to be changed as a result of his recent injury.

Wrestlezone shared the news via their Official Twitter Account that Andrade would be missing the upcoming tag team match, proving that Wrestlemania this year may still be happening, but its matches and events that are scheduled to take place are definitely changing at a rapid pace:


Wrestlemania 36 will be taking place on April 4th and 5th, with the event once again changing in response to the pandemic as the par per view would normally all happen on one night rather than split between two. Though the WWE has had to keep up with the changes, it has received some notoriety with a recent replay of a past Wrestlemania event on ESPN as that channel is also feeling the effects of several sports leagues being postponed as a result of the Corona Virus.

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