WWE WrestleMania Cancels Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Unfortunately, the hits keep coming for the upcoming Wrestlemania event as WWE has confirmed that [...]

Unfortunately, the hits keep coming for the upcoming Wrestlemania event as WWE has confirmed that the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal has been canceled for the event. With the match featuring a battle royale scenario that features multiple men and women competing with one another to come out on top, World Wrestling Entertainment has gone on record stating that for the safety of the wrestlers, they won't be having the match this year with the Coronavirus still impacting the world at large. Though the match may be canceled, we hope that the company can find another way to honor "The Giant" that night!

This is but one of the many changes that have happened for Wrestlemania 36, with the Coronavirus causing the Vince McMahon organization to hold events to empty stadiums for the safety of both the wrestlers and the fans themselves. The upcoming big event also had to be moved from its original location at Raymond James Stadium in Florida to the WWE Performance Center, with the televised spectacle also switching from a one night format to two. Needless to say, this is one of but a sea of changes that has hit WWE recently, and in fact, the world of wrestling at large as several other organizations have had to either postpone or cancel outright a number of their events!

Ryan Satin broke the news via his Official Twitter Account, with WWE confirming that the fairly new event had been canceled for this upcoming event:

The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal began in 2014, with Terry "Hulk" Hogan introducing the match to the recurring event of Wrestlemania on WWE Raw. Since its inception, the match has usually started Wrestlemania off, with wrestlers attempting to fight one another within a crowded ring. Obviously, this would not work well with the "social distancing" that is currently being implemented across the country, and thus needs to be put on hold for a year.

In 2018, a female version of the event began running alongside the original version, with the divas of WWE pitting their skills against one another in hoping of rising to the top in the memorial match to one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live. While this match will surely be missed, we'll be more than happy to wait for next year's battle royal considering the circumstances!

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