WWE's Alexa Bliss Reveals Her New Look

After some time away, WWE's Alexa Bliss made her long-awaited return to WWE television on this past week's Monday Night Raw, and while the segment (which was set in a therapy session) featured her supernatural character's old look, it seems she will be debuting a new look in the ring soon. Bliss revealed a very new look for her hair on her Instagram account (via her Instagram Stories), as Bliss can be seen with completely pink hair (via Wrestling Inc) She previously had blonde hair with pink highlights, but this time she is going 100% pink.

In the therapy session segment on Raw, she was still wearing the black and purple gear she debuted last year, and she still has the blonde hair as well she had before her time off-screen. This was just the first step towards her full return, so odds are we'll get a few more segments before she actually shows up in the ring again, though you never know with WWE.

Bliss has changed her looks several times in the past, so there's a chance this is just one of those and not related to her next character. After what happened to Lilly and what seemed like a natural close to her more supernatural character, many assumed Bliss would change things up when she returned.

In the therapy session video, Bliss was still using her powers and then was shown a video of Lilly being torn apart by Charlotte Flair. That's when she started to get angry and then after a glass of water, she pulled his tie and asked how it made him feel. He said not great, and then she said she felt pretty dandy and started destroying the office, throwing glasses around, tearing pages out of his notebook, destroying his computer and flower vases. She then screamed and that's how the segment closed out.

Some are hoping for a return to the Goddess character, because who wouldn't want to see Bliss go toe to toe with this current Big Time Becks version of Becky Lynch, right? We've also not had a full-on feud with Bianca Belair and Bliss to this point, so that's an option as well, as is a feud with Nikki A.S.H or Rhea Ripley. She's been in the ring with all of them at various points, but her character's story was sort of separate and on its own for much of the past year, so these match-ups would still be fresh.

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