WWE's Cody Rhodes Has Asked For His Release

(Photo: Cody Rhodes)

After ten years with the WWE, Superstar Cody Rhodes has asked for his release from the company.

In a statement that he tweeted out, Rhodes does not give specifics, but thanks fans for everything and that he'll speak on the matter shortly.

Cody, having used his real Twitter handle and not the Stardust one recently, hinted at something big to come this week, but fans did not see this one coming. Having started out as a tag team partner with Hardcore Holly, Rhodes branched off to become a member of Randy Orton's Legacy, a triad consisting of third and second-generation wrestliers.

Rhodes is a former Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion and was the wrestler that brought back the classic IC title look from the 80's and 90's before it was redesigned right after WrestleMania XIV. Last year, under the Stardust moniker, started a rivalry with Arrow star Stephen Amell, which garnered a ton of media attention, and eventually raised money for charity with his former rival.


We'll be sure to keep you updated as this story develops and wish Cody the best of luck.