WWE's Edge Brings Up Becky Lynch in Fired Up Reply to Seth Rollins on SmackDown

Tonight's Supersized SmackDown kicked off as expected with the Rated-R Superstar Edge, who came out to a big response. We got the full recap of the back and forth between Edge and Seth Rollins, which culminated in Ede challenging Rollins to a Hell in a Cell. He picked up the microphone for a promo, saying "So Seth, this all started between us 7 years ago when you tried to use me as a stepping stone to notoriety. We now find each other with a need to be Universal Champion.

"All those weeks after beating me at Madison Square Garden you called me and again and again knowing that I wasn't cleared to compete. He then said "you then go to my home. Not my house. My home. Where I break bread with my family. Where we laugh, where we cry, where I put bandaids on skinned knees and kiss my little ones goodnight. And you pissed all over it," Edge said.

"And here's the thing with you and I. I underestimated you. I did. I underestimated you. And I shouldn't have done that, and that would've been like underestimating myself, and I never do that. So you and I are so much alike that when we3 see our mistakes we capitalize on them. When you underestimated me at SummerSlam, I beat you, decisively. At Madison Square Garden, I underestimated you you beat me," Edge said.

"You're the only guy that within this ring matches close to my own intensity. Comes close to matching my obsession with this. Close, but not quite. Not yet. Are you Edge Lite? No, you're not man, I was wrong. You're decidedly your own man. You are Seth freaking Rollins," Edge said.

Then Seth You Suck chants broke out, and Edge smiled. "But because of that, I've e got to end this, because if I don't our families continue to be affected by this. I could go to your house," Edge said. "I could have a chance encounter with Becks. Lord knows we have some history, but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to channel that. I'm going to leave you a husk of what everyone sees now."

"A few weeks ago you said you felt sorry for me and that was a mistake," Edge said. "You never feel sympathy for a devil, and that's what we are. I will not hesitate to put you under my boot. I will not have a second thought about it. So it's fitting that this trilogy ends at Hell in a Cell. So, Seth, I know you're watching, I want you to listen real close, and this is a blueprint for your future. At Hell in a Cell, I am going to scar your should, and that is a scar you never ever heal from."