Matt Cardona Confirms He's No Longer Signed with AEW

Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder during his time with the WWE, confirmed that he's no longer signed with All Elite Wrestling following his original limited time contract. Cardona was one of the many former WWE superstars who were released earlier this Spring as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and following his 90 day non-compete clause, Cardona began to work with promotions like All Elite Wrestling for what he noted at the time was going to be a limited arrangement. Now speaking with Pro Wrestling Junkies podcast, Cardona has confirmed he is no longer under contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Cardona confirmed that as of September 5th with his appearance during the All Out pay-per-view that he fulfilled his limited time contract with All Elite Wrestling. Confirming earlier reports from this Summer that he was only signed for a short while, Cardona noted that he is now a free agent.

Although his contract has now ended, Cardona revealed that he's open to the idea of working with AEW in the future (h/t Wrestling Inc), "That's the place to be right now," he said of AEW. "To be there even for a month, and do a couple of matches, was a lot of fun. It was great to just be out there and be myself again. Hopefully, we'll do it again soon."

As for other potential plans, Cardona also noted how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is making seeking opportunities in New Japan Pro Wrestling and other notable productions difficult, "It's a weird situation and weird time in the world. I'd love to go to New Japan, or even go back and main event a few indie shows at my home promotions in New York...When the world opens up, it'll be the best time in wrestling. Fans and wrestlers will both be so excited and we're gonna have some kickass shows," Cardona stated.

When Cardona was first released, he spoke with's Ryan Droste about how busy life was getting for him in the wake, "It's crazy. People think since I got released, I have all this time on my hands. I actually have less time because I'm setting myself up for everything. I say always ready. It's more than just a hashtag. I've been talking to companies about Major Wrestling Figure Podcast products. I've been designing new gear, working on new music. I've been reorganizing my collection. So there's not enough time in the day. I'm not just sitting and getting fat. I'm working out in the backyard. I'm ready to go," Cardona explained.


via Pro Wrestling Junkies Podcast