Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland Signed Edition Available From IDW

IDW Limited announced today that they would launch a new line of high-end hardcover collections of archival Judge Dredd material.

Starting with Judge Dredd: The Complete Brian Bolland (out this week), IDW Limited will be offering deluxe hardcover editions of the Judge Dredd reprints that IDW undertakes going forward. The first offering includes signatures from iconic artist Brian Bolland as well as the co-creator of the character of Judge Dredd, John Wagner.

"Back in the ‘70s, when 2000 AD was first published, the stories were printed on low-grade newsprint paper, which has yellowed with age, so it's great to see Dredd published again in new formats," said legendary Judge Dredd artist Bolland. "Fans should be delighted with this limited-edition book. John (Wagner) and I have signed every copy and the art portfolio that comes with it captures a dozen of our favorite moments from the series. It's a top-notch presentation of work we're very proud of."

The IDW Limited series generally features Red, Black and Blue Label editions of books, but at least this particular book only appears to have a Red Label edition. This Red Label book is limited to just 325 stamped and hand-numbered copies. For $125, fans will receive a deluxe hardcover book housed in a hand-built, custom-designed slipcase featuring artwork from Brian Bolland.

Each book has been signed by Bolland and original Judge Dredd co-creator/writer John Wagner, and they’re also accompanied by a hardcover artist’s portfolio containing a dozen limited-edition lithographs depicting key covers and the most memorable moments from Bolland’s iconic run on Judge Dredd.

"With strong design and packaging, plus the involvement of [Brian] Bolland and [John] Wagner, we've managed to do something special here," said Judge Dredd editor Justin Eisinger. "Which is no small feat, considering this material has been beloved by generations of fans and seen reprint in several forms. Hats off to everyone for their efforts!"

IDW says that details on a limited-edition Carlos Ezquerra book won’t be far behind.