Will More Legendary Pokemon Appear in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

The Pokemon Company may have inadvertently revealed that more Legendary Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company announced the rules for the upcoming 2017/2018 Video Game Championship (VGC) season, which pits the world's best Pokemon trainers against each other in 2v2 Pokemon battles. Each year's rules are a bit different to force competitive players to adapt and change strategies every year.

While last year's VGC battles were limited to the 300 Pokemon found in the Alola Pokedex, the competitive scene will be opened up to more Pokemon this coming year. Any Pokemon in the National PokeDex (that is, the full list of Pokemon) will be eligible for use in the upcoming season of play with the exception of Mythical Pokemon and "some" Legendary Pokemon. The main requirement is that Pokemon have to have a black clover on their summary screen to denote that they've been caught in the Alola region.

While we knew that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon would have more Pokemon available to catch than Pokemon Sun and Moon, the new rules bring up an intriguing possibility. If the upcoming season is allowing the use of Legendary Pokemon in battle, provided they were caught in the Alola region, does this mean that Legendary Pokemon from older games will be available in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

This could be why the Pokemon Company is declining to release a full list of Pokemon banned from this year's competition until after Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are released. After all, it would be a pretty massive spoiler if players could somehow catch Mewtwo or Groudon in the new games, especially if they could be armed with Z-Stones. Watching Mewtwo unleash a Shattered Psyche Z-Move would be pretty epic!

The upcoming VGC season will also allow the use of Mega Stones, so we're going to get to see some crazy Z-Move vs. Mega Evolution battles in competitive play later this year.

We should stress that this is just speculation, and there's no guarantee that we'll see older Legendary Pokemon flock to the Alola region. Looks like we'll have to find out when Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out in November!