'Fantastic Four': First Look at Alex Ross, Artgerm Variants


'Fantastic Four': First Look at Alex Ross, Artgerm Variants

Jessica Jones S2. First Filming Location Revealed

As a former New Yorker, there's a lot of things that I loved about the city but there were a lot more things that I hated about the city. Movie ticket prices, the commute.. oh and rent. Dear lord, rent.

One thing I continually had mixed feelings about though were signs like the one below. They were harbingers of a bunch of terrible things. First was trying to find parking - try moving out of your apartment with a U-Haul when out of the blue 40 of these signs suddenly appear on your street. Second there was low-paid and over worked production assistants that sole job was to make sure that people walking through, local residents etc wouldn't disrupt the shot. It being New York City, this is a thankless job and I admit to not being pleasant when one of the thousand of so episodes of Law & Order were shot on my street stopping me from getting to my subway stop.

The awesome thing that most of the time made up for it - was getting a sneak peek at whatever they were filming. Half of the fun was trying to figure out what the title that was written on the sign actually was supposed to read. Films will often use fake titles so that paparazzi and fans don't swarm the set to see their favorite actor. Another reason is so that entertainment sites don't get photos of sets that may allow us to publish spoilers.

The sign here advertises "Violet," a ABC Studios production. They actually mean Netflix's Jessica Jones season two.

According to the areas that they're holding parking in around W44th Street over to 5th Avenue it means that Jessica Jones will be filming at least some scenes in the area in or around Times Square.

Jessica Jones Filming

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