Could Mark Hamill Suit Up In His Old Trickster Costume On The Flash?


Mark Hamill might go retro when he reprises his role as The Trickster on The CW’s Flash series.

Earlier today, series star Candice Patton (Iris West) posted an image on Instagram of herself posing with a mannequin dressed in Hamill’s Trickster costume from the 1990 Flash series on ABC. Until this photo, it seemed like Hamill wouldn’t re-don any tights for his return to the Scarlet Speedster’s world. The CW confirmed that Hamill’s Trickster would be an aged anarchist with an axe to grind against a much younger copycat criminal, seemingly eliminating the use of any colorful garments. And with the exception of the Reverse Flash, no villain on the show has worn a definitive "costume."


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Then again, the costume could belong to the younger Trickster that will clash with Hamill. But, the wig on the mannequin matches the same one that Hamill wore for his first turn as the Trickster, establishing a direct link between the costume and its original wearer. Going into full speculation territory, perhaps this new Trickster will force Hamill back into the field and his original costume from a time predating the show's current timeline, giving him a plausible reason—beyond fan service—to dress up in a costume again.

Concrete answers should come soon, as the Flash moves closer to Hamill’s debut episode later this season.

The Flash returns this Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on The CW.