Warren Beatty Considering Dick Tracy Sequel

Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy has developed a cult following ever since its release in 1990, though during its initial release it failed to draw audiences into theatres.

Still, love for the brand hasn't really faltered, despite there being a lack of almost anything substantive since the film. That might be changing though if actor Warren Beatty is to be believed. At CinemaCom, Beatty gave new hope for a possible sequel, saying “I’m serious about it, but I am slow about these things.”

Slow is being generous. He was given the motion picture and television rights 26 years ago, and aside from the film has little to show for it (aside from a very unique TV special). At this point, if his latest attempt doesn't pan out he should just let the rights go and give someone else an opportunity. Hopefully, though, it isn't just empty talk.

via The Playlist