Arrow Recap with Spoilers: Team Arrow Gives It One Last Go in "You Have Saved This City"

(Photo: The CW)

Picking up directly after the events of last week, Team Arrow goes on the run from the Star City police as they're still wanted for helping cover up Roy's murder of the transit security guards. In the midst of laying low, Emiko launches her initial biochemical attack against a crowded shopping center, killing several people before the team is able to arrive and stop the attack.

Through the magic of technology, the team is able to find Emiko's location and launch a full-out assault on the stronghold. Oliver tracks down his half-sister and is able to finally win her over, appealing to family values and the like. The two temporarily join forces to stop the Ninth Circle archers but Emiko is mortally wounded. Along the way, the Star City uncovers the truth about the murder and Team Arrow, vindicating them of any crime.

Regrouping at the bunker, Oliver and Felicity tell the group that they plan to leave Star City and Team Arrow disbands for the final team. Fast forward a bit and Diggle takes the couple to their witness protection home, which ends up being the cabin in the woods. We see a quick jump in time and we see a montage of Felicity giving birth and the two welcoming Mia into the world. Later on, the Monitor arrives in their house and informs Oliver that he'll be dying in the Crisis — he says his goodbyes to Felicity and Mia.

In the future, Felicity joins forces with Rene to stop Galaxy One from taking over Star City. Taking down the wall that separates the city from The Glades, William, Zoe, Connor, and Mia stay behind to be Star City's new Team Arrow. Before the episode ends, Felicity, William, and Mia meet at Oliver's grave to say their goodbyes to each other.

The episode ends in the future with Felicity leaving with the Monitor to meet Oliver on the post-life plane.

Arrow will return with its eighth and final season this Fall.



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