'Dragon Ball Super' Promises A Terrible Twist Is Coming

The countdown has started for the climax of Dragon Ball Super’s ‘Universal Survival’ arc. After a short break, the anime will come back next month with a special that focuses on Goku’s awaited fight with Jiren. However, if the hour-long special goes according to plan, something terrible will happen before it ends.

Dragon Ball Super has been hyping its current arc’s climax for some time, but a series of new adverts for the occasion debuted in Japan recently. The promo, which can be seen below, reiterates something “terrible” will go down in the one-hour special.

So far, the series has yet to give any further clarification on what terrible means in context, but some fans have their own theories. Over on Twitter, Todd Blankenship used his translation skills to give fans insight into the promos.

“Here's a rundown of all the things とんでもない (translated as "terrible" above) can mean,” the fan explained to his followers.

“It can mean "unexpected", as it's been translated elsewhere, but it typically still implies the thing in question is bad and/or extreme,” Blankenship carried on. “With that in mind, translating it as "one hell of a thing is going to happen" might strike the right mix of vagueness and impressiveness. But it's never "unexpected" in the sense of "oh, I didn't expect bananas to be on sale today.", is what I'm getting at.”

Fans have come to believe Dragon Ball Super will introduce its so-called “terrible” twist after Goku starts to fight Jiren. In the past, some felt the battle itself would be spurred on by the incident, but recent synopses have said Jiren makes his move on Goku after being told to by his universe’s God of Destruction.

Like Blankenship explained, the translation of “terrible” does not work the best for English speakers. The twist won’t have to be one that is unspeakable awful, but it seems like it won’t be pleasant either. There’s a chance the adverts could be referring to the new form Goku will discover during the special, but fans are hoping the note refers to something else entirely.

After all, it’s that kind of drama that makes an episode of Dragon Ball unforgettable.

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