'My Hero Academia' Season 3 Trailer Reveals Its New Villains

Are you ready for more My Hero Academia? In less than a month, the anime will make its return to TV, and the much-awaited comeback will bring lots of villains with it. My Hero Academia is ready to show what the League of Villains can do, and the show’s new trailer shows off the organization’s latest recruits.

So, spoilers below!

Thanks to Toho Animation and Bones Inc, fans can get a new look at My Hero Academia season three. A trailer, which can be found above, was dropped by the pair not too long ago. The extended reel reveals more of the show’s new arc, and it takes time to highlight some real nasty looking bad guys.

At first, fans can see a few familiar baddies. Tomura Shigaraki appears on screen as he builds a simple house of cards, and the man is replaced by Himiko Toga in her full gear. The girl looks ready to take down some of UA Academy’s top students, but she is not alone. Her comrade Dabi is also down to take out some heroes-in-training.

Fans of My Hero Academia met these two characters at the very end of season two. They were introduced to preface the show’s third season, and audiences will get a better look at these villains in time. The trailer shows off Dabi’s powerful Quirk as a tease, revealing his ability to create blue cremation flames. So, fans can bet Bakugo will want to fight Dabi flame to flame.

The trailer shows off a slew of unfamiliar villains, and fans will get to know each of them by their Quirk. The baddies have some peculiar names which you can check out below:

  • Spinner
    Mr. Compress

Each of these bad guys were recruited to the League of Villains for the express purpose of raiding this UA Academy training trip. They have their own collection of nasty Quirks, but characters like Moonfish and Muscular are must-watches. The two are totally deranged, and manga readers already know how dangerous the duo can be.

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