‘Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story’ Shares New Trailer, Synopsis

Are you ready to go on another Pokemon adventure? This year, the guys at The Pokemon Company will push a brand-new feature out to fans, and the gorgeous anime venture just released a slew of new info. Not only did a new trailer drop for the film, but fans just learned a bit more about its story thanks to an official synopsis and casting reel.

As you can see above, the new trailer for Pokemon the Movie: Everyone’s Story is a lengthy one. The video stands at more than a minute, and it catches up with a series of new Pokemon trainers as well as Ash Ketchum. The beautiful reel shows a collage of scenes as these new trainers encounter one another for the first time and undergo a few fiery perils along the way.

Oh, and Lugia is also around. You can’t overlook the Legendary Pokemon even if you tried.

The trailer also confirms the cast of the franchise’s new trainers. With six newcomers total, some familiar names have been brought in by The Pokemon Company to bring those trainers to life. For instance, Masako Nozawa will play an older woman named Hisui, and anime fans will recognize the actress as the eternal voice of Son Goku from Dragon Ball.

Aside from casting, The Pokemon Company also shared a synopsis for the movie. The lengthy blurb reveals the movie will take place at an annual festival that attracts the attention of Lugia and a brand-new Mythical Pokemon from the Alola region.

“In a town where people live with the wind, the legendary Pokemon Lugia appears on the final day of an event that is held once a year known as the Wind Festival, and people enjoy the wind’s grace just like a promise received long ago,” the synopsis reads.

“Coincidentally, Satoshi and Pikachu, who were participating in the Wind Festival, meet five people,” the synopsis carries on. “Is this the promise Lugia preserved? And what is the identity of the Phantom Pokemon Zeraora? Now, people and Pokemon, everyone’s bond can create a miracle.”


Right now, there is no word on when this new film will come to the United States, but The Pokemon Company has already landed on a Japanese release. The movie will go live on July 13 in theaters abroad as Wit Studios (Attack on Titan) helps co-produce the feature.

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