'My Hero Academia' Just Shared Its Most Hilarious Moment Yet

My Hero Academia is known for a lot of things. The standout series has become internationally popular in the wake of its anime being released. The shonen title has become one of Japan’s most promising up-and-comers in recent years, so it has created quite a reputation for action-packed fights. Still, that doesn’t mean My Hero Academia slacks off in the humor department, and the show just reminded fans of that.

Just, try to make it through the latest episode of My Hero Academia without laughing. If you can, then you are definitely tougher than Eraserhead.

For those of you unaware, the anime’s newest episode made its debut over the weekend, and it kicked off season three in earnest. The release delved into the ‘School Trip’ arc as the kids of Class 1-A found themselves thrown into the Beasts Forest and told to make it to their camp. By the ordeal’s end, each of its heroes-in-training were exhausted, but Izuku had enough energy left to make a big mistake.

As you can see above, the boy approached a younger kid who was seen sticking around the Wild, Wild Pussycats. The heroes confirmed the boy was their ward, so Izuku wanted to introduce himself to Kota. The friendly high schooler did just that, but Izuku did not expect the kid to hit him with a nut-cracking move.

Yes, Izuku took a straight shot to his family jewels, and Iida was horrified by the blow he witnessed.

“What a low blow,” the class president exclaimed once Kota popped off his shot. “You fiend of a child! A punch to the scrotum is unforgivable!”


As it turns out, Kota isn’t one to suffer from hero worship, and he seems to despise the profession as a whole. The surly boy tells the kids of Class 1-A he wants nothing to do with him, and Bakugo even admits he is pretty pleased with the kid’s spunk. You know, so long as he is not on the receiving end of Kota’s wild punches.

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