'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Introduces An Older Touka

Tokyo Ghoul features a lot of content that is hard to watch. The acclaimed series is said to be a gem of the supernatural genre, and it continues to stun despite its gorier moments. After all, the series stars plenty of characters who only hunger for human flesh; It only makes sense that Tokyo Ghoul isn’t always pretty to watch.

However, there is one heroine in Tokyo Ghoul fans can count on to make things better. Even if Touka Kirishima is doused in blood, the ghoulish girl never fails to make fans smile. So, you can understand why audiences were happy to be reunited with the girl in the latest episode of Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Yes, the third season of Tokyo Ghoul finally brought back everyone’s favorite barista-slash-ghoul. The anime may be preparing to air its third episode, but its second still have fans buzzing. The touching episode followed Haise Sasaki and his Quinx Squad comrades take on a few bloody ghouls before heading out for coffee. It was there Haise came face to face with Touka, and the very emotional moment choked up audiences big time.

As you can see above, Touka makes her return to Tokyo Ghoul as she works at a new coffee shop known as :re. The cafe was opened after Anteiku was destroyed at the end of season one, Touka has come to manage this new joint and make its special blend. Fans were able to see how Touka has grown since they last saw her, and even Haise was struck dumb by her beauty.

With her hair cropped shorter than before, Touka looked rather mature thanks to her peaceful expression and full figure. When she finally made eye contact with Haise, the white-haired CCG Investigator was left wondering if anyone could be as pretty as the girl, and audiences were left to beg for Haise to tap into his past so his true self would remember who Touka is to him.


After all, there are only so many white-haired, half-ghouls who could take Touka by surprise like this. Now, it is just up to Haise to learn that about himself...

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