New 'Dragon Ball' Merchandise Gives Nappa All The Hair

Dragon Ball has made it clear that there’s one thing Saiyans don’t mess around with. The warrior race has very few boundaries, but their hair is rather important. So, isn’t it about time Bandai released a figure of Nappa with luscious locks intact.

Over in Japan, it seems like fans will get their hands on such a treat. Bandai is slated to release a new set of Dragon Ball Adverge figures, and Nappa is getting a special toy from the company, and it includes a toupee.

As you can see below, Nappa is one of several heroes getting a collectible. Everyone from Kaio-ken Goku to Super Saiyan 4 Goku are getting the mini makeover, and Vegeta’s lackey is joining them. His mustache looks as thick as ever, and his beefy arms haven’t shrunk a bit. Still, his head is bald in the advert — that is, until you check out his special accessory.

Yes, Bandai is selling Nappa with a toupee attached. You can give the Saiyan the hair he’s so desperately missed, and fans are loving how suave the warrior looks.

Of course, this isn’t the first time fans have seen Nappa with hair. Dragon Ball Z actually showed audiences what the character’s younger self looked like in a canon special. The History of Bardock film showed Nappa with short, dark hair. The look suits his sadistic personality quite nicely, but his cropped cut pales next to Raditz’s long mane. After all, it is hard to compete with the hairdo Goku’s brother rocks.

Right now, it looks like these collectibles will go on sale this August in Japan. So, if you want to add a full-headed Nappa to your collection, it’s time you checked out Bandai’s Japanese site.

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