New 'My Hero Academia' Trailer Introduces Season 3's Next Big Arc

My Hero Academia season 3 has been a thrill ride of action and character evolution, and it's not about to slow down! As you can see in the new My Hero Academia season 3.5 trailer above, the anime's next arc will be just as exciting!

The next storyline is referred to as the "Hero License Exam Arc", and it picks up with Izuku Midoriya and the other students of U.A. moving into the dorms, and beginning to upgrade and train for the Provisional Hero License Exam. The exam is a furious competition that will bring them into contact with new challengers in the form of other talented students from rival schools, as they all battle for the select few government-issued licenses that will grant the victorious students limited ability to battle villains and save innocents.

Here's more of what the story arc entails, as we previously reported:

"The anime story arc that just wrapped up is known as the "Hideout Raid Arc", which saw students of Class 1-A and an elite pro hero team all converge on the League of Villains' two big hideouts: the bar where they held student hostage Katsuki Bakugo, and the Nomu factors in Kamino. By the end of the Kamino Raid Operation, top Pro Hero All Might had expended all of his One For All quirk power, in order to defeat his quirk-stealing nemesis, All For One. The victory proved costly as All Might's de-powered form was revealed to the world, thereby shattering the illusion of "The Symbol of Peace" for good. In response to the Kamino incident, U.A. Academy was forced to take drastic steps to secure its students and reputation -- and Izuku Midoriya nearly lost his opportunity to continue at the prestigious school.

The "Hero License Exam Arc" catches up with U.A. in its new boarding school form, with students picking up where their studies left off: training for the Provisional Hero License Exam. The exam is a biannual test the government holds, in order to grant provisional pro hero licenses to the most capable students; after the villain attacks on U.A., the school administrators are especially keen on arming their students with the legal authorization to fight back and save innocents, should the villains strike again. However, after All Might's retirement and the various troubling incidents in the pro hero world, the government has made this year's license exams even tougher and more selective than ever,meaning Izuku and Class 1-A have to step up their respective games, if they hope to pass.


This particular story arc opens up the pro hero world and student trainee world in a major way - particularly by introducing rival schools and students for U.A. Shiketsu High School is U.A.'s chief rival, holding the title of 'most prestigious' in the Western region, as U.A. is in the Eastern. There's also Ketsubutsu Academy High School, which is also in the running. From these new schools we meet some talented new students, who compete against Izuku and U.A.'s other candidates in the exam. The test itself happens in phases, similar to the Sports Festival, with two main parts to the exam. Meanwhile, there are several other big subplots, as the students, heroes, and larger world begin to truly enter a world that no longer has All Might. ANd in the shadows, the League of Villains begins to regroup, after their leader's defeat..."

You can check out the English subbed version of the trailer HERE!