Hyuna, E'Dawn Fans Rally Behind Idols Following Shocking Agency Exit

As K-pop continues to rise in popularity worldwide, one of the industry’s top artists has been blindsided with a company scandal. Recently, reports from South Korea shared the news that Cube Entertainment had severed its relationship with two famous idols, but a new statement is backtracking the embattled announcement.

The ordeal began when Cube Entertainment released a statement announcing it was terminating its work with Hyuna and E’Dawn of the boy group Pentagon. The company revealed it was removing the artists from its line-up as “trust” between the parties was broken. No specific cause was mentioned, and news of the firing stirred up fans worldwide. (via Billboard)

Now, it looks like the idol company is backtracking on its first announcement. Not long ago, Cube Entertainment CEO Shin Dae-nam said the issue is being discussed still.

“We’re discussing the issue, but it’s not confirmed,” the executive said. "The opinions of the artists are also important, so it needs be handled carefully. We'll have a board meeting next week to discuss this issue."

According to reports from Naver, Hyuna and E’Dawn were supposedly blindsided by the news. It is said the pair’s termination from Cube was only relayed to them once it became public. The reports claim it was Cube Entertainment who pushed the artist’s from its idol line-up, but the company has yet to respond to the reports.

For fans, the sudden update on Hyuna and E’Dawn did not sit well, and it led millions of fans to rally against Cube Entertainment on social media. Hyuna trended worldwide on Twitter for several hours, and fans are continuing to show their support for the pair online.


For those unaware, Hyuna and E’Dawn have been embroiled in a dating scandal for more than a month now. After news broke the couple were dating, Cube was quick to deny the report, but the pair confirmed they had been dating for 2 years later on. The back-and-forth caused tension between the parties, forcing Hyuna and E’Dawn to put their work schedules on hiatus. Now, it looks like Cube is looking to cut ties with the duo, but there is still a chance the idols could negotiate with the studio.

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