Watch: 'The Rising of the Shield Hero' Debuts Naofumi's Strongest Attack Yet

The Rising of the Shield Hero may have gotten off to a bumpy start with fans, but it has quickly become one of the most talked about series of the Winter 2019 anime season. It's because fans have been drawn to the struggles Naofumi has faced since getting drawn into the virtual world as he obtains new abilities through extreme circumstances.

The latest episode of the series revealed one of his strongest power-ups yet as he gained control of his Rage Shield and unleashed his strongest attack yet -- Iron Maiden. You can check it out in action in the video above.

Unlike the first time Naofumi used the Rage Shield, the second time was boosted by the rage and hatred of the Zombie Dragon core he had absorbed before. This nearly made him lose control once more, but once he snapped out of it thanks to Raphtalia, he emerged from his fiery form with a few enhancements.

His Rage Shield not gives him new armor on his right arm and chest plate, but he can unleash a new set of attacks. Using a powerful form of his Shield Prison move, he traps the boss of the second wave within it. After spouting a strange chant in unison with the spirit of the Zombie Dragon, he strikes with the Iron Maiden and completely demolishes the boss the other three heroes couldn't make a dent in.

Originally conceived as a series of light novels written by Aneko Yusagi in 2013, The Rising of the Shield Hero's anime adaptation is produced by Kinema Citrus and directed by Takao Abo. You can currently find The Rising of the Shield Hero streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV. The series is described as such:

"Iwatani Naofumi, a run-of-the-mill otaku, finds a book in the library that summons him to another world. He is tasked with joining the sword, spear, and bow as one of the Four Cardinal Heroes and fighting the Waves of Catastrophe as the Shield Hero. Excited by the prospect of a grand adventure, Naofumi sets off with his party. However, merely a few days later, he is betrayed and loses all his money, dignity, and respect. Unable to trust anyone anymore, he employs a slave named Raphtalia and takes on the Waves and the world. But will he really find a way to overturn this desperate situation?"

If you're interested in checking out The Rising of the Shield Hero yourself, both the Japanese language release and English language dub are now streaming on Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is producing the English dub alongside the Japanese release of the series, and the English voice cast includes Billy Kametz as Naofumi Iwatani, Erica Mendez as Raphtalia, Brianna Knickerbocker as Filo, Alan Lee as Ren Amaki the Sword Hero, Xander Mobus as Motoyasu Kitamura the Spear Hero, Erik Scott Kimerer as Itsuki Kawasumi the Bow Hero, and Faye Mata as Myne.



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