Hellish Blizzard Tries to Recruit Saitama on Latest 'One-Punch Man' Episode

After first appearing towards the end of One-Punch Man's Season 2 premiere, this week's episode saw the Class B hero Hellish Blizzard make her intentions known as she confronted Saitama at his apartment. Early in the episode Blizzard appears at his front door alongside fellow heroes Eyelashes and Wild Monkey, demanding that Saitama "pay his respects" to her as the top-ranked hero in the class.

Blizzard then explains that in order for Saitama to keep climbing up the rankings (Genos tells him he's reached Class B Rank 7 by the start fo the episode), he'll need to join a faction. Saitama refuses, then quickly brushes Eyelashes and Wild Monkey away when they try to attack. Blizzard reveals her power, which turns out to be telekinesis, and tries to attack Saitama with gusts of wind and rocks. Naturally, Saitama survives the attack without taking any damage. He criticizes Blizzard for not being a true hero, and that she'll never understand what it means to stand up to strong villains if she just gathers up weak heroes to work for her. The fight between the two is quickly interrupted by the ongoing fight between Speed-o'-Sound Sonic and Genos.

After dispatching of Sonic, Saitama invites Genos and Blizzard back to his apartment. Blizzard is shocked to see a Class S hero like Genos serving under Saitama, and taken aback even further when King shows up looking for his handheld game console Saitama took to play with.

Blizzard later revealed that she is the sister of the No. 2-ranked Class S Hero and fellow esper Terrible Tornado. She explained that because she could never match her sister's power, she'd figured it be best if she could control the lower ranks by running the top of Class B. She also mentioned it would be impossible to climb to the top of Class A, given that three of the top four heroes work for the Class S hero Atomic Samurai and that the No. 1 hero, Amai Mask, seems unbeatable. The episode briefly cuts to a scene of the aforementioned hero taking down a random villain in mere seconds.



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