Dragon Ball Super Dub Episode 111 Recap with Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power has reached a new stage as Autonomous Ultra Instinct Goku finally made its debut on Toonami. While its debut may not have been a total hit with fans, now that Jiren's strength has been fully established it means that the tournament can really kick into high gear. Though now that Goku has been defeated even after achieving such a powerful form, is there any hope for another fighter to possibly win? Hit certainly hopes so.


It's Universe 6's Hit vs. Universe 11's Jiren now, so read on to catch up with everything that happened on the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super on Toonami!

  1. Freeza stands over Goku bearing a ki blast down onto him and fires. Goku is wrapped in its energy, and realizes that he's actually recovered some of his strength. Freeza shared some of his energy with Goku as a way to settle the debt between the two as he wants to avoid fighting with Jiren and would rather have Goku do it. He tells Goku about how the Gods called his new strength "Autonomous Ultra Instinct" and Goku wonders if he can reach that state again.
  2. Hit and Jiren have begun fighting, and Hit tries to use his Time-Skip abilities on Jiren. Top notes how well Hit seems to be doing, but Hit is being cautious as Jiren keeps figuring out how to dodge Hit's attacks. Jiren is managing to make his way into Hit's time and space pockets. Jiren adapted to the technique fairly quickly.
  3. None of Hit's attacks land on Jiren, and Jiren deals decisive counter blows each time. Jiren wonders why Hit seems to keep relying on this technique, but Goku notes how Hit must have a plan. Universe 6's Namekians try to attack Goku from behind, but Gohan and Piccolo block their attack and challenge them instead.
  4. Elsewhere, Vegeta fights Ribrianne, but is soon interrupted when Universe 2's Rozie interferes and helps Ribrianne hide from Vegeta. Ribrianne wonders if they can really win, and a pep talk from Rozie helps get her back on her feet. With Hit and Jiren, Hit says he's memorized the counters Jiren has used. He tries to use his special space-time punch.
  5. He manages to hit Jiren, and locks him within a prison of space and time. Jiren is knocked to the edge of the tournament arena, and is frozen stiff. Though he struggles to get out, this was Hit's plan from the beginning. He tells Cabba and the others to move on to other fighters for Universe 6 because he's planning to pour all of his energy into keeping Jiren frozen in time.
  6. But no matter how much Hit pushes, Jiren begins to move. He then dashes in with one final attack, but Jiren stops him with just his glare. Jiren begins to budge, and grabs the ball of ki that Hit planned to strike him with and crushes it within his hand. Jiren then hits Hit with several strong punches and sends him flying across the arena.
  7. Jiren then uses a ball of ki and launches Hit into the sky, and it explodes in mid-air. Thus, Hit is eliminated from the Tournament of Power. This puts Universe 6 in a tough spot, but Cabba, Kale, and Caulifla are left from Universe 6. As half of the time in the Tournament of Power has passed, the World of Void takes on a new color. Jiren says all of the threats are gone and begins to meditate, sure of his victory.
  8. Goku's angry of course, and two of Universe 3's fighters attempt to attack Jiren while he's meditating. But his wall of energy is too strong. The Tournament of Power is half over as the next phase of the tournament begins.

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