Rick and Morty Fan Goes Viral for Stunning Genderbent Rick Cosplay

Rick and Morty surprised everyone with the premiere of its fourth season earlier this month after quite a long wait. Fans have gotten adjusted to the long wait in between each season, but it seems from here on out the process will be streamlined just a bit. This is great considering the series was renewed for seventy episodes, so fans will have quite a lot to look forward to in the future. Which means there will be plenty of more opportunities for fans to bring the series to life through cosplay, and notable take has gone viral.

Artist @merisiel_irum (who you can find on Instagram here) has been a huge hit with fans her take on a "Female Rick" that wouldn't be too out of bounds to pop up in the series considering all the alternate universe versions of Rick introduced already. Check it out below:

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It is notable that there hasn't been a female Rick seen in the series just yet (unless you include the chair one), but there's still time as there will be plenty of new episodes to enjoy. This includes Season 4 of the series, which is debuting five new episodes this year. Three have already premiered, but it's going to be a short break before the fourth episode in this batch does. After these five episodes premiere, there's currently no timetable for when the back half of Season 4's ten confirmed episodes will debut, however.


The cast of the series recorded their parts in full for the season over a year ago as Spencer Grammer, who provides the voice for Summer, explained to ComicBook.com, "It's probably like a year, honestly from when we weren't recording to when we were recording." Elaborating further, Grammer said, "Our season opener, I recorded it over a year ago, and so I didn't remember what it was. I was like, Oh yeah, this episode. It was real funny. But the tag that we have with the bees, that was new. They just added that three or four weeks ago, with the wasp family, at the end of the episode."

But regardless of where the show goes, or how long it takes to get there, Rick and Morty fans will be willing to wait as long as it takes if the series continues to provide great new additions each time it returns. Let's hope that also means its wild new characters will translate to future cosplay!