Scrapped Godzilla Concept Artwork from 1998 Surfaces Onlines

These days, Godzilla has a new lease on life, and the kaiju is grateful for it. After the debut of Hollywood's 1998 film featuring the monster, things were not looking good for Godzilla. It took a long time for the kaiju to recover from the film's reputation, but a recently surfaced piece of artwork shows Godzilla fans what could have been with the 1998 flick if all things had gone right.

Over on Twitter, the work was brought before fans by SuperWoodyAndM1. The fan posted concept art which Ricardo Delgado and Carlos Huante did for the '90s flop, and it proves these artists had a much better grip on Godzilla than anyone else on staff.

"I love this unmade 1994 American Godzilla film, I mean look at this concept of Godzilla and the Gryphon by Ricardo Delgado, oh and the script by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio was very interesting. but unfortunately this film was replaced by *cough* not "God" Zilla 1998 film," the fan shared.

As you can see above, the artwork is stunning as it captures the gravitas of Godzilla and Gryphon. To the left hand side, the famous kaiju can be seen with a silhouette which honors Godzilla's classic design. Complete with webbed-feet, this monster is far more terrifying than the crocodilian one used in the 1998 film.


Over on Twitter, Delgado responded to the tweet and praised Huante for his "magnificently realized" version of Gryphon. The villain might not be as well known to fans as - say - Mothra but still has a large following of its own. There is no doubt Gryphon would have been in good hands with Huante, but that did not happen. Whatever the 1998 film did flew opposite of these poised concepts, but it is nice to know artists. Like Delgado went to bat for Godzilla all those years ago.

What do you make of these designs? Do you like them better? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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