Super Dragon Ball Heroes Teases Important Gohan-Pan Moment

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not afraid to do some time-travel quests, and that has forced fighters to enter alternate dimensions from time to time. With the Xeno crew popping into the anime, all bets are off when it comes to wild encounters between characters. Of course, Goku meeting his Xeno twin was a bit odd for fans, but an even more important meeting just took place under Gohan's nose.

After all, the hero did just meet his grown-up daughter, and Gohan did not even recognize Pan was around. Obviously, you can expect spoilers below about how the pair met, so be warned! There are details regarding the latest Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode below:

For those who have yet to see the release, they find themselves greeted by Pan and Future Trunks in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes universe. The girl is at least eight years old in this episode if not older given how Dragon Ball likes to draw characters younger than they really are. Pan looks totally different from the girl fans left behind in Dragon Ball Super, so that might explain why Goku does not recognize her.

After all, Gohan is sucked into a universe-ending battle by the end of the episode. The Gods of Destruction are after the Divine Bird, Tokitoki, and Goki is not about to left thee creature die. When Beerus moves to destroy the bird, it falls to Universe 7 to protect Tokitoki, and Gohan is too busy with the bird to focus on Pan.


Since the pair haven't had a chance to meet for real, fans are left to wonder how Gohan will react to his daughter in this universe. You can bet Goku will be shocked by the reveal, but Gohan's tender heart will certainly prompt the fighter to be a bit overprotective. But when it comes down to it, Pan will be ready to fight so long as it means Tokitoki will be safe from the Gods of Destruction.

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