My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Hits $13 Million Box Office Milestone

My Hero Academia's big second outing launched in Japan last year, and fans in other regions have been waiting since that initial theatrical run in December to see the new film for themselves. Surprisingly, the wait was not for long as Funimation brought the new film to North America in late February. Not only has My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising been a critical success among those who have seen it, but it's been a major box office success in North America. Managing to crack the top ten list of highest grossing anime films in the United States, the official Twitter account for the film celebrated a new milestone with fans.

As its limited theatrical run in North America begins to wind down to its final days, the official Twitter account for Heroes Rising confirmed that box office revenue has now topped $13 million USD. Combined with its International box office total of $15 million, the film has now reached over $28 million USD worldwide.

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising quickly surpassed the $21 million USD total for the first film, Two Heroes, and now it's confirmed that the second film did much better than the first one. It's a much more popular franchise now than it was two years ago, and shows just how much the fandom for the series has grown in such a short time.


Heroes Rising took a huge risk as it alienated many anime fans by taking place at a point much later in the original story, and while that leads to a few hiccups, the response to the experience overall has certainly rewarded that initial risk and perhaps incentivizes more of these kinds of decisions going forward.

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