Studio Ghibli Museum Extends Coronavirus Closure

The novel coronavirus may have started in in one place, but the virus has come to affect people all over the world. The World Health Organization has deemed the virus a full-on pandemic, prompting scores of countries to make some unprecedented decisions to contain the spread. Japan is no different, and that is why the beloved Studio Ghibli Museum has extended its closure in light of the pandemic.

As reported by Sora News 24, the Studio Ghibli Museum prompted the tourist destination to shut down earlier this month. Now, the museum has confirmed it will extend its shutdown period all the way through April 28.

The museum is just one of many tourist spots to be closed due to the ongoing pandemic. In the U.S., a slew of parks such as Disneyland, Disney World, and the Universal Studios parks have closed. Japan even closed its Universal Studios park, but it is set to reopen on March 22 barring any complications. However, Studio Ghibli is using extra precaution by signaling its late April reopen.

Luckily, fans have been told when they will be able to visit the museum. Unless anything changes with public health, Studio Ghibli plans to reopen its museum on April 29. It will be open through May as well which is strange as the museum is closed during that month most of the time. May is taken off the calendar for regular maintenance, but Studio Ghibli says it has shifted the work to April so fans can get access to the museum sooner.


If you are wanting to buy a ticket for the museum, you can get yours starting on April 10. Of course, this information hinges on the pandemic falling under more control. If the novel coronavirus continues to spread, the Studio Ghibli Museum may need to rethink its plans for reopening.

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