Wait, Does This 'Spider-Man' Poster Feature A 'Dragon Ball Z' Easter Egg?

02/14/2018 04:28 pm EST

If you didn’t know, Spider-Man: Homecoming made its way into theaters last year. The film marked the first solo outing Peter Parker within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and fans around the world were eager to see how the web-swinging hero dealt with the spotlight. When the film headed to Japan, the hero was greeted with a special theatrical poster, and fans think they missed one of its easter eggs.

After all, it seems like the Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Japanese poster has a hidden Dragon Ball Z reference.

Over on Twitter, fans pointed out the rumored reference. As you can see below, Spider-Man: Homecoming got a limited theatrical poster in Japan to hype its release. The manga-styled promo was sketched by Yusuke Murata who is known best for illustrating One Punch Man. And, if you look closely, the piece appears to pay homage to an emotional moment in Dragon Ball Z.

The poster itself shows Iron Man and Spider-Man as the duo strikes cool superhero poses. Tony Stark is positioned behind his protege in his Iron Man suit, and he is charging up a repulser blast. Spider-Man is featured up front as he prepares his own web attack in conjunction with Iron Man. The stars look like a father-son pair in this sketch, and Dragon Ball fans think their pose is a clear nod to Goku and Gohan’s father-son Kamehameha.

After all, the Saiyan pair did strike a similar pose back in Dragon Ball Z when Cell was around. After Goku was killed, Gohan was left to take down Super Perfect Cell alone, but his father didn’t truly leave his side. In the battle’s final moments, Goku leant his last big of energy to Gohan for an epic father-son Kamehameha that obliterated Cell for good. So, you can see why this poster would look familiar to fans of the anime.

Of course, there is no telling whether the similarities here are intentional. Murata is a well-known fan of Dragon Ball, but his love for Marvel also runs deep. The overlap could be purely coincidental, but fans are cool comparing Goku and Gohan to Iron Man and Spider-Man for now.

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