A Major Pokemon Character Briefly Dies in Surprisingly Dark Scene

One of the weirdest running plotlines in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series is the surprisingly dark and evil Mimikyu that hangs out with Team Rocket. In the video games, Mimikyu is a cute ghost Pokemon that dresses up as Pikachu in the hopes of being loved like the popular electric rodent. In the Pokemon: Sun and Moon anime, Mimikyu is anything but cute. Instead, it's an evil, twisted Pokemon that wants to destroy Pikachu out of hate and constantly mutters profane threats that only Meowth (and assumably other Pokemon) can hear.

Understandably, Meowth is terrified of Mimikyu and warned his teammate Jessie not to capture the Ghost Pokemon. Jessie didn't listen to Meowth, so Meowth's been constantly looking over his shoulder ever since.

In the latest episode, Team Rocket decides to add another Pokemon to their team and heads to the ocean for some fishing. Meowth spies Mimikyu's costume floating in the ocean and briefly sees Mimikyu's true form swimming under the ocean. You can see what happens next in the clip below:

That's right, Meowth literally dies after seeing Mimikyu's true form and ends up floating facedown in the water for an extended period of time. Obviously, the death wasn't permanent, but this marks a rare instance where a Pokemon actually dies in the anime.

The Pokemon anime hasn't touched on death very often, although several characters have died over the course of 20 years. Ash and Pikachu both briefly had their spirits separated by their bodies in an early episode of the anime, and Ash was briefly transformed to stone in Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. A Latios and Lucario have also passed away to save the world in later movies.

None of the characters referenced Meowth's brief demise, but Mimikyu almost claimed another life when it nearly delivered a killer blow to Pikachu later in the episode. Clearly, we'll have to wait and see if Mimikyu will have a body count by the time Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series ends.